Razertip ® Woodburners

Woodburned Art is an authorized Razertip ® dealer.

Razertip ® pyrographic tools have been setting the standard since the mid 1980's. These burners feature almost instant heat response and a wide-range temperature control that won't scorch wood at "1" through red hot at "10". The 10 amp output provides the fastest tip heat recovery in the industry. Razertip's CSA C/US safety certification covers both Canada and the US, making Razertip ® tools the only hot-wire pyrographs that can be sold in every province and state in North America.

Razertip ® offers two different power supply units. Both are made to stand up to serious professional use, yet are simple enough for a beginner to use. Both the SS-D10, the dual handpiece capable workhorse, and the SK share the following features:

  • 10 amp power output for fast tip heat recovery 
  • wide-range temperature control
  • the only safety certified hot-wire pyrographic tool in the industry
  • super flexible adapter cords that will accept almost any brand of pen
  • ultra stable control circuitry maintains consistent burns even when turned on-off and on again
  • laser-welding technology
  • Unconditional Warranty that covers everything for 3 years on the power supply and one year on all handpieces including fixed tips. Even if you drop your pen and break the tip - it's covered!

Razertip ® SK

The SK accepts one handpiece (pen) at a time and is the perfect starter unit for both beginners and professional artists. The SK is made to stand up to serious professional use, yet is simple enough for any beginner to operate. Plug in your pen and start burning! All my SK units come pre-packaged with a heavy duty shader/liner pen and cord.

Razertip ® SS-D10

The SS-D10 is Razertip's workhorse with many features not found on any other burner. Dual handpiece capablility allows you to have two pens plugged in at the same time and change between them at the flick of a switch. This is very useful when you are working on a piece that requires frequent pen changes. It saves wear and tear on the connnectors. The SS-D10 also has an extra low-end temperature adjustment if 1 is still too hot. All my SS-D10 units come pre-packaged with a heavy duty shader/liner pen and cord.

Shipping for individual woodburners within North America is $19.75. Shipping to Europe, Australia and New Zealand is $45.oo for surface shipping. Airmail delivery (faster) is more, please request a quote.

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