Razertip® Woodburning Pens

I personally use and recommend only the fixed-tip woodburning pens by Razertip ®. These are the best pens in the industry and are razer sharp and super fine. The tips are sharpened and polished to a Razer-sharp edge. Many Razer-tips can burn over 120 lines per inch right out of the package. Razertip ® not only make the finest and sharpest but the toughest too! In 2004 they introduced a unique laser-welding technology to their tip manufacturing and many of their tips now incorporate this technology. Check out all the features shown in the large image below.

All the Razertip ® pens carry a full one year unconditional warranty.

I try to keep all the pens available on this website in stock but at times I may be out. I will be able to have any pen shown here in the mail within 2 business days of your order as I live only a few miles from the manufacturer and can pick them up at their shop directly.