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Adapters and Accessories

FAQ: Can I use a Razertip® pen with my own power supply?

A: Yes, in most cases you will be able to do that. It is very likely that you will need either an adapter or an adapter cord in order to connect your power supply to Razertip® pens.

Tip Cleaner

If you do a lot of burning, there is a good chance that you will notice some carbon buildup on your pen. One thing you should never do is use an abrasive of any kind to remove the carbon. Doing so will wear out the tip and cause it to carbon up quicker. Scraping the carbon off the tip is the recommended method of removal. This tip cleaner, exclusive to Razertip®, removes carbon buildup quickly and easily and prolongs the life of your pen. With a flip away cover for safety, you can use this tool one-handed and without turning off the power supply.

Shipping for accessories is $5.75 and is included in the price shown. 

Adapter 1

This item adapts the Optima, Colwood or Nibsburner pens to standard Razertip® cords Cord1FL and Cord1HD.

Retail:       $10.50
My Price: $9.75

Adapter 4

This item adapts the Razertip® to Colwood, Nibs, Optima etc. burners.

Retail:       $11.50
My Price: $10.75

Tip Cleaner

The tip cleaner quickly and easily removes carbon buildup from your pen tips.

Retail:       $17.75
My Price: $15.75